Instructors: Christos Petalas,Gesthimani Stefanidou
Course Code: Β7ΥΠ
Semester: 9th
Weekly teaching hours: 4
 ECTS credits: 5
Course offered to Erasmus students: No
Course URL: TMC186/

Learning Outcomes:

The aim of the course is to introduce students to the basic concepts of OR and to give them the ability to apply this knowledge and understanding to problem solving that they are likely to encounter as engineers.

General Skills:

Search, analysis and synthesis of data and information,
Decision making
Autonomous work
Production of new research ideas
Project design and management

Course Content:
1. Introduction to operational research.
2. The basics of linear programming (LP). The general LP problem. Interpretation & mathematical modeling.
3. Graphical LP solution.
4. LP solution with Excel Solver.
5. Sensitivity Analysis.
6. The Simplex Method.
7. Transportation Models
8. The Assignment Model (The Hungarian Method)
9. Critical path (CPM) Computations
10. Pert Calculations

Suggested Bibliography:

  • Elements Of Operational Research for engineers, B. Tsichrintzis, National Technical University of Athens
  • Operations Research: An Introduction Book, Hamdy A. Taha, Translation S. Katsabounis, Tziolas, ISBN 978-960-418-691-4
  • Introduction to Operational Research, I. Koletsos and D. Stogiannis , Symeon, ISBN 978-960-9400-62-6
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