Energy efficiency in buildings – Εnergy audits

Instructors: Argyro Dimoudi, Stamatios Zoras,  Leonidas Karakatsanis
Course Code: TMC330
Semester: 6th
Weekly teaching hours: 6
ECTS credits: 5
Prerequisites: Mathematics, Heat Transfer Phenomena, Fluid mechanics, Physics of the Atmosphere
Course offered to Erasmus students: No
Course URL: TMC330/

Learning Outcomes:

The course aims at:

  • Familiarization with the Greek and European energy legislation for buildings
  • Comprehension of the main principles and systems of energy efficiency at buildings
  • Comprehension of the main principles of energy assessment calculations
  • Familiarization with elaboration of an energy assessment report
  • Familiarization with performing an energy audit at buildings and systems

General Skills:

  • Search, analysis and synthesis of data and information, ICT Use
  • Decision making
  • Autonomous work
  • Teamwork
  • Production of new research ideas
  • Design and management of projetcs
  • Respect for the natural environment
  • Promoting free, creative and inductive reasoning

Course Content:

  • Building energy consumption fundamentals: Analysis per activity, per building category, etc.
  • Building energy policy: European and national energy legislation – Building energy efficiency regulation (KENAK), Technical Guides of TEE.
  • Energy efficiency and rational use of energy in buildings: envelope, heating – cooling systems, heat recovery systems, cogeneration systems.
  • Artificial lighting: Energy savings at lighting systems, lighting control.
  • Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS). Low energy consumption appliances.
  • District heating / cooling of building complexes / settlements
  • Users energy behavior
  • Calculation of energy performance of buildings: basic principles, energy balance, energy requirements for space heating-cooling-DHW–lighting, energy consumption, heat transfer equations, thermal insulation calculations. National – European principles for the energy performance of buildings.
  • Energy audit procedure : Buildings, Systems
  • Energy study report: specifications
  • Buildings energy certification and energy rating
  • Buildings’ energy performance software: Energy audits – energy study.
  • Energy calculation software (structure, inputs, databases, energy efficiency scenario design etc.)
  • Examples of energy design report for different building categories
  • Measurement of thermal performance of buildings, thermal performance of boiler / burner Measures for energy renovation of buildings and systems
  • Developing an energy audit / energy study report

Suggested Bibliography:

The section of ‘Energy Efficiency in buildings’ is covered by the following textbooks / books:
1. Structures Physics and Environmental Design of Buildings, Papamanolis N. (2016), Kallipos

and the following textbooks:

  • Guide of energy efficiency in residential buildings
  • Energy efficiency technologies at buildings
  • Energy behavior of consumers – Energy efficient equipment

The ‘Energy Audits ‘ section is covered by the following textbooks / books:

  • Teachers’ notebooks (uploaded at course website
  • Guide for Energy Audit of Buildings
  • Guide of techniques and instruments for energy measurements
  • Technical Guides of the Technical Chamber of Greece (TOTEE )
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