Bioclimatic Design and Simulation

Instructors: Stamatios Zoras
Course Code: 15ΘΕ3Ν
Semester: 8th
Weekly teaching hours: 3
 ECTS credits: 5
Prerequisites: –
Course offered to Erasmus students:Yes
Course URL : TMC361/

Learning Outcomes:

  • Knowledge of bioclimatic design techniques and practices
  • Knowledge of simulation tools context
  • Knowledge of the combined open space and building design and simulation
  • Use of bioclimatic design modelling
  • Apply simulation to validate and predict differing bioclimatic scenarios

General Skills:

  • Develop skills in implementing bioclimatic design modelling tools
  • Develop skills in explaining the generated simulation data
  • Environmental risk assessment and protection

Course Content:
1. Basic concepts of physical phenomena influencing bioclimatic design
2. Urban flows and heat transfer in urban environment
3. Heat and mass transfer in buildings. Conduction-convection-radiation
4. Thermal response factors, heat waves, building and settlement thermal interaction
5. Simulation theory, urban heat island, aesthetics, societal, urban morphology
6. Microclimate and typology of open spaces
7. Rehabilitation strategies and techniques
8. Computational simulation models ( Energy3D, ENVI-Met, Ray-Man)
9. Training in the use of open spaces simulation tool
10. Training in the use of open spaces simulation tool
11. Training in the use of building energy simulation tool
12. Training in the use of building energy simulation tool
13. Design and simulation of project proposal

Suggested Bibliography:

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  • Tutor class material
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