Technologies of Renewable Energy Sources

Instructors: Konstantinos Athanasiou
Course Code: 15ΣΤΥ4Ν
Semester: 6th
Weekly teaching hours: 4
ECTS credits: 5
Course offered to Erasmus students: Yes
Course URL : TMC231/

Learning Outcomes: : 

The course’s aim is to introduce students to the fundamental principles and calculations regarding a range of renewable energy technologies, to comprehend:

  • the variations of solar energy and the photovoltaic power generation
  • the wind speed distributions and operation of wind turbines
  • the autonomous RES power systems
  •  the types, the compositions and the energetic uses of biomass and biofuels

and to be able to perform the fundamental calculations, for:

  • solar radiation and its conversion to power
  • wind energy conversion to power
  • the power and efficiency of geothermal cogeneration
  • the power and efficiency for biomass co-generation through combustion and gasification
  • biogas production and biogas based cogeneration
  • the economics of photovoltaics, wind turbines and biomass conversion technologies

General Skills:

Autonomous work.

Course Content:

1. Energy balances and climate emergency
2. Solar radiation
3. Photovoltaics operation and economics
4. Wind turbines operation and economics
5. Autonomous RES power systems
6. Geothermal sources and geothermal cogeneration
7. Biomass types, potential and composition
8. Biomass combustion, combustion-based cogeneration and economics
9. Biomass gasification, gasification-based cogeneration and economics
10. Biogas production, uses and economics

Suggested Bibliography:

1. Class material.

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