Technical Design – CAD

Instructor: Argiro Dimoudi
Lesson Code: TMC318
Semester: 1st
Weekly teaching hours: 6
Prerequisites: No
Course offered to Erasmus students: No
Course URL:

Learning Outcomes: 

The course aims at:

  • Acquisition of knowledge for the principles of technical design
  • Learning and using design software
  • Search, analysis and synthesis of data and information, ICT Use
  • Decision making
  • Autonomous work
  • Teamwork
  • Production of new research ideas
  • Respect for the natural environment
  • Promoting free, creative and inductive reasoning

Course Content:
The curriculum covers the following sections:
Technical Design:
Display of three-dimensional shapes in two dimensions – Basic design principles.
Using triangles for design- Design of geometric shapes.
Use of drawing compass – Design of geometric shapes.
Description of plan – Plan design (pencil).
Design to scale – Plan design in scale 1:50 (pencil).
Plan design in scale 1:100 (ink).
Plan design in scale (ink).
Section description – Section design.
Plan and Section design in scale 1: 100 (pencil).
Plan and Section design in scale (pencil).
Plan and Section design in scale (ink).
Plan and Section design in scale (ink).
Details design.
• Computer use
• Presentation of the CAD design software
• Basic design principles in CAD software (relevant and absolute coordinates, decimal, delete, zoom, save, print)
• Design commands in CAD software (line, rectangular, circle, object snap, move, copy, offset, hatch, trim, explode, divide, join, text, dimlinear, ddim)

Suggested Bibliography:  

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