Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Instructors: Spyridon Ntougias
Course Code: ΕΒΥΑ
Semester: 7th
Weekly teaching hours: 3
ECTS credits: 5
Prerequisites: Wastewater Management and Treatment Technologies I
, Chemical and Biochemical Processes, Physical Processes,Environmental Microbiology
Course offered to Erasmus students: No
Course URL: TMC236/

Learning Outcomes:

Knowledge based:

  • Understanding the biological and physicochemical industrial wastewater treatment methods.
  • Learning effective ways to manage and valorize industrial wastewaters.

General Skills: 

Search, analysis and synthesis of data and information
• ICT Use
• Autonomous work
• Teamwork
• Production of new research ideas
• Project design and management
• Equity and Inclusion
• Respect for the natural environment
• Sustainability
• Demonstration of social, professional and moral responsibility and sensitivity to gender issues
• Critical thinking
• Promoting free, creative and inductive reasoning

Course Content:: 
The course is the continuity of knowledge obtained from the attendance of previous courses, focusing on wastewater treatment. This elective course is focused on the technologies and practices used for the treatment of various, important for the local economy, industrial wastewaters. The course refers to the specificities of different industrial wastewaters and the techniques used for processing various types of industrial wastewaters e.g. wastewater from petrochemical industry, aluminum industry, dairy industry, textile industry, olive mills, livestock farms and slaughterhouses.

Suggested Bibliography:

  • Wastewatrer Treatment (In Greek), Lyberatos G., Vayenas D., Tziola publications, ISBN: 978-960-418-346-3.
  • Introduction to Environmental Engineering (In Greek), Kougkoulos A.G., Tziola publications, ISBN: 960-418-077-0.
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