Instructors: Argyro Dimoudi
Course Code: TMC307
Semester: 6th
Weekly teaching hours: 4
ECTS credits: 5
Prerequisites: Math, Transport phenomena, Atmospheric Physics
Course offered to Erasmus students: Νο
Course URL: TMC307/

Learning Outcomes::

The course aims at:
• Familiarise students with energy behaviour and energy design of buildings issues, as well as understating of its energy and thermal balance and the parameters that shape it
• Understand the main principles and main systems of energy design of a building
• Create knowledge and correlation building’s design with the energy behaviour and performance of the building
• Understanding of basic methods of thermal, energy measurements in buildings
• Ability to propose optimum building design solutions for buildings high energy performance.

General Skills:

• Retrieve, analyse and synthesise data and information with the use of necessary technologies
• Apply knowledge in practice
• Make decisions
• Work autonomously
• Work in an interdisciplinary team
• Generate new research ideas
• Respect for the natural environment
• Promote free, creative and inductive thinking

Course Content: 

1. Introduction to energy efficiency –The Renovation Wave strategy – Energy balance in different building categories – Thermal requirements of buildings (Energy gains and losses, Heat flows in building shell.)
2. Energy policy in the built environment – Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (nZEB)
3. Basic principles of energy and environmental design of buildings and renewable energy resources (orientation, solar geometry, potential, etc.)
4. Climate and materials
5. Ventilation and Natural Cooling (Natural Cooling Techniques: Shading, Natural Cooling Systems)
6. Lighting and Natural lighting
7. RES – Solar energy systems for buildings
8. RES – Biomass applications for buildings
9. RES – Geothermal applications for buildings
10. Advances building energy simulation methodologies – Building energy simulation software
11. Examples of energy building design and nZEBs

Suggested Bibliography: 

  • Kosmopoulos P., Perivolaris A., Environmental design: Zero energy buildings, University Studio Press, Thessaloniki, 2017 (in greek).
  • Xronaki Ε., Bioclimatic design: Climate change, Environment and Sustainability (2nd edition), University Studio Press, Thessaloniki, 2017 (in greek).
  • Papadopoulos Μ., Axarli Kl., Energy design and passive solar systems for buildings, Kyriakidis Publications IKE
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