Climate change: The Scientific Evidence and Mitigation of Extreme Climate Phenomena

Instructors: Evangelia Kostenidou
Course Code: 15ΗΥ5Ν – Κ1
Semester: 9th
Weekly teaching hours: 3
ECTS credits: 5
Prerequisites: Mathematics, Atmospheric Chemistry, Atmospheric Pollution
Course offered to Erasmus students: Yes
Course URL: TMC356/

Learning Outcomes:

The goal of this course is the familiarization of the students with the science that explains climate change. After the completion of the course the students will be able to:
• understand the factors that trigger the climate change
• evaluate and understand the effect of the greenhouse gases and the aerosol on Earth’s climate
• understand the function and the use of climate models for the climate change prediction
• predict the effects of climate change on the frequency of extreme climate phenomena, nature and human
• suggest solutions and mitigation actions of extreme climate phenomena

Course Content: 
1. Atmosphere: composition of atmosphere, layers of the atmosphere, general circulation of winds, heat transport
2. Electromagnetic radiation, solar radiation, earth radiation, heat balance in the atmosphere
3. Study of past climates
4. Natural cause of climate change
5. Anthropogenic intervention in the climate: greenhouse gases
6. Anthropogenic intervention in the climate: atmospheric particles, CCN
7. Models – predictions of climate change
8. Extreme climate phenomena
9. Consequences of climate change on nature, animals, human and the quality of life

Suggested Bibliography:

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