Laboratory of Ecological Engineering & Technology

The Laboratory serves the educational, research and development needs of the Department of Environmental Engineering on the fields of:
A. Management and restoration of rivers, lakes, coastal and aquifer systems,
B. Environmental hydraulics, technical hydrology, hydrodynamics and management of water resources,
C. Integrated water management and wastewater treatment through natural treatment systems.The main subjects offered by the Laboratory are:
– Fluid Mechanics,
– Environmental Geology,
– Physical Oceanography,
– Engineering Hydrology,
– Ecological Engineering & Technology I & II,
– Applied and Groundwater Hydraulics,
– Water Resources Management,
– Geodesy,
– Environmental Computational Fluid Mechanics,
– Environmental Management of Inland and Coastal Aquatic Systems,
– Environmental Coastal Engineering.
– Operational Research.

Laboratory’s Infrastructure
The Laboratory occupies an area of 90 m2 at the buildings of the Department of Environmental Engineering, Kimmeria Xanthis. This closed lab is fully-equipped with computers, servers and instrumentation for chemical analyses of water quality parameters. It may support physical models and experimental devices for flow simulation in fractures and porous media. Several numerical models (meteorological, hydrodynamic, wave, morphodynamic and crop growth) are run in parallel at the servers of the Lab. Other infrastructure consist of a 4X4 vehicle for field studies, a research boat “Eco-Research” (5 m long Zodiac), and an open-air space for experiments on physical models and natural treatment systems.

Instrumentation consists of:
– Three on-line meteorological stations
– Current meters
– Samplers for water, sediments and sediment transport
– Winches for instruments uplifting and submergence
– Portable instruments for in-situ measurements of water quality and level
– Instruments for the determination of chemical-biological parameters of natural water and wastewater as ionic chromatography, BOD, COD, Kjeldahl devices, etc.

Laboratory’s contribution on the Science of Environmental Engineering
Inland Surface Aquatic Systems
The Lab monitors in an integrated manner the river basins, following the WFD principles;
implements management and restoration studies in lakes, rivers and wetland ecosystems;
contributes to the promotion of Eco-hydrology.
Coastal Environment
The Lab measures and simulates the hydrodynamic circulation, implements restoration studies in eroded coasts, determines the environmental impacts of technical works, designs and sites wastewater outflows , flood prevention and water supply works.
Hydrogeology – Groundwater Hydraulics
The Lab records the quantitative and qualitative state of aquifers, implements remediation of aquifers and artificial recharge studies, develop a numerical hydrogeological model, monitors the characteristics of karstic springs, and develop hydraulic barriers to seawater intrusion. Analytical solutions are provided and numerical schemes are developed for flows in aquifers and porous media. Hydraulic behavior of porous media and fractures is experimentally investigated.
Integrated Water Resources Management and Wastewater Treatment
The Lab develops and promotes the technology of Natural Treatment Systems and Constructed Wetlands, applies the wastewater re-use, designs rainwater harvesting systems, applies modern innovative numerical techniques (fuzzy models, neural networks). The Lab provides knowledge and tools that are used by engineers in integrated water resources.

The Laboratory of Ecological Engineering & Technology consists of the following members:
1. Sylaios Georgios, Associate Professor, Geologist-Oceanographer, Expertise on “Management and Simulation of Coastal Aquatic Systems”
2. Petalas Christos, Associate Professor, Hydrogeologist, Expertise on “Water Resources Management”
3. Moutsopoulos Konstantinos, Associate Professor, Civil Engineer – Hydraulic Engineer, Expertise on “Analysis and Simulation of Water Resources”
4. Gikas Georgios, Assistant Professor, Chemist & Civil Engineer, Expertise on “Environmental Management and Simulation of Rivers, Lakes and Wetlands”

Address: Panepistimioupoli Kimmeria Xanthis
Director: Sylaios Georgios
Contact Details
Tel: 2541079398
facebook: labecoleng

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